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The ISO 14001 standard is accepted as a method of processes, policies and procedures to create and manage an Environmental Management System (EMS).

It is designed to help businesses address their environmental responsibilities in an organized and consistent manner.  An ISO 14001 EMS provides the methodology to address a customer's expectation of corporate responsibility.  In addition it helps standardize an organization's legal and regulatory mandates.

How can we help?

There are two typical approaches to certification.

1) Do It Yourself

We have the documents you need to create your ISO 14001 EMS.  You can subscribe and download the entire library of 56 files, or browse through and download only the ones you need.

These documents will get help move you toward certification.  We also have online / on demand consultants that can help you only when you need them.

2) Hire a Consultant

You can hire a consultant to walk you through each step of the process.  This is the most expensive approach, but may suit your needs and timeframes of your organization.

We suggest an alternative to the typical.

OurBizPort Method

We suggest using our approach - it is a combination of the two - it maximizes speed to your certification and minimizes the effect on your budget.

We assign an expert consultant to you.  After the introductions we get to work.

OubBizPort staff constructs a Fast Track Conformance Portal for you to use during the process.  It contains:
  • All the documents in our library installed in our Document Retention System.
  • A Project Management Tool to manage the process and people.  With you, our consultant creates milestones and assigns the tasks to individuals.
  • A Collaboration system built to communicate with the stakeholders, project manager and facilitators.  This keeps an ongoing record of activity and discussions (no more email)
  • A Training System with any custom training required for ISO 14001 implementation
After you roll out the LMS, you can continue to use the Conformance Portal for daily operations.