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  Documented total productive maintenance system:

bullet green arrow 25identification of process equipment necessary to produce conforming product at the required volume;

bullet green arrow 25availability of replacement parts for the equipment identified above

bullet green arrow 25provision of resource for machine, equipment, and facility maintenance;

bullet green arrow 25packaging and preservation of equipment, tooling, and gauging;

bullet green arrow 25applicable customer-specific requirements;

bullet green arrow 25documented maintenance objectives, (e.g. OEE MTBF and MTTR) and Preventive Maintenance compliance metrics. Performance to the maintenance objectives shall form an input into management review

bullet green arrow 25regular review of maintenance plan, objectives, documented action plan, for corrective actions where objectives not met

bullet green arrow 25use preventive maintenance methods;
use of predictive maintenance methods, as applicable;

bullet green arrow 25periodic overhaul.