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  Outputs Include:

bullet green arrow 25specifications and drawings;

bullet green arrow 25special characteristics for product and manufacturing process;

bullet green arrow 25identification of process input variables that impact characteristics;

bullet green arrow 25tooling and equipment for production and control, including capability studies of equipment
and process(es);

bullet green arrow 25manufacturing process flow charts/layout, including linkage of product, process, and tooling;

bullet green arrow 25Capacity analysis;

bullet green arrow 25manufacturing process FMEA;

bullet green arrow 25maintenance plans and instructions;

bullet green arrow 25control plan (see Annex A);

bullet green arrow 25standard work and work instructions;

bullet green arrow 25process approval acceptance criteria;

bullet green arrow 25data for quality, reliability, maintainability, and measurability;

bullet green arrow 25results of error-proofing identification and verification, as appropriate;

bullet green arrow 25methods of rapid detection, feedback, and correction of product/manufacturing process

bullet green arrow 25nonconformities.


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